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Affiliate Introduction

Increasingly increasing market demand and stable consumer groups, to hutch defends industry become the next 10 years the most development potential of the industry in China, millions of the reclamation of mining opportunities waiting for investors.
Brand advantage:
Has passed ISO9001, ISO14000 standard system. Measure the equipped with standardized products, existing engineers and RD, a total of more than 30 people, professional technical team for product escort, can meet the needs of different customers, realize the product differentiation, customized production, at the same time provide OEM and ODM service.
Today, art, not only in domestic first-tier cities of Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu, Shanghai, shenzhen, set up a branch, at the same time, the art, the product out of Asia, has been Russia, Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican merchants such as the introduction of use, won the customers' consistent high praise.
Marketing advantage:
Professional team: art, has the first-class sales team, marketing personnel have household appliances for more than ten years of sales experience.
Professional planning: planning, brand promotion and efficient execution
Professional training, professional sales training

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